Make A Dent, Inc. (MAD) was founded with the belief that everyone deserves access to quality dental care and we are committed to providing such care to underserved communities in third-world countries.


Before Make A Dent, Inc. became an official 501(c)(3), Dr. Sunny and Carmen supported University of Southern California Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program (USC DHOP) for four years offering countless resources, financial assistance and educational opportunities. As advisors of this humanitarian group, they had a personal insight of the troubles DHOP would encounter when seeking guidance or sponsorship for their humanitarian trips. With their hearts set on providing free quality dental services to those in need they sought out a way to facilitate the process for DHOP and other similar groups. As their involvement with DHOP began to grow, so did the idea of MAD. As Dr. Sunny and Carmen continued to attend these humanitarian trips they were continuously faced with the harsh reality that the need for access to quality dental treatment and education had no end in sight. And so they aligned their passion with their purpose and began to work towards the development and realization of Make A Dent, Inc. Each year, MAD will orchestrate and execute a dental humanitarian trip of our own to a community in need. However, it is MAD’s larger mission to create a network of organizations to work together and fight oral disease. With a particular emphasis in the involvement of aspiring dental health professionals, we hope to generate a ripple effect of passionate people wanting to provide quality care to the underserved.


Make A Dent, Inc. is committed to advancing oral health care globally by developing, sponsoring, and executing outreach opportunities for aspiring dental professionals, dentists, and volunteers. We sponsor trusted oral health professionals to provide the highest quality of dental treatment with compassion and integrity. By fighting oral disease, we are dedicated to the betterment of the lives of our patients, our students, our teachers, and the communities we serve, while inspiring others to also make a dent.


The idea of Make A Dent, Inc was born in 2012 in one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya by a couple of dental students and dentists volunteering with the USC’s Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program (DHOP) on their annual mission trip. DHOP is a student run program with advisors Carmen Ramirez-Santini and USC alumni Dr. Sunny. They organize annual humanitarian trips to third-world countries to provide free quality dental care to the underserved. However, each year they struggle to receive support and donations for these trips. This difficulty along with their dedication and passion to provide free quality dental services led them to earnestly pursue the development of the 501(c)(3) Make A Dent, Inc. (MAD).

In 2013, Preston Browne was elected as one of the student directors of DHOP and was responsible for a successful humanitarian trip to Jamaica. Dr. Sunny and Carmen witnessed Preston’s passion for helping others, leading to the collaboration of the first three board members of Make A Dent, Inc. With their innate desire to improve the mission trips and altruistic mentality, 2014 DHOP student directors Cat Reyes and Anya Davydov quickly became involved with the elaboration of MAD.


During 2014, Dr. Sunny and Carmen continued to put together a group of compassionate individuals who now serve as Make A Dent’s board members, each bringing an array of diverse perspectives to the table. With a dentist, mechanical engineer, orthodontist, mobile clinic dental director, surgery center administrator and a graduating dental student, MAD’s board was set for a promising partnership dedicated to the success of the new non-profit organization.