RECEIVE Our Free Quality Dentistry in your Community!

The purpose of our organization is to develop, sponsor, and execute outreach and humanitarian opportunities for dental health professionals and students locally and globally.  Each year we have traveled with approximately 45 dental students and 5 dentists with a few auxiliary staff to third world communities in dire need of quality dentistry and oral health education. During each mission, we have treated an average of 300 to 400 patients with over 500 dental procedures and producing over $100,000 worth of quality work at no cost to the patients.  In past years, we have helped serve areas of need in the Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, Colombia, and Honduras. We provide a variety of dental procedures including fillings, extractions, and cleanings to best treat each individual patient. Our experienced and accredited University of Southern California Dental Faculty carefully examine every procedure in order to ensure the top standard of care, an aspect we take great pride in.

With your support, you will not only be helping provide dental services to an undeserved community, but also advancing the growth of future dental professionals in the form of clinical and leadership experience.

Send us your contact information if you would like us to come work in your city and serve your community!